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Collectively Addressing Obesity in Mississippi

Mississippi has the highest prevalence of obesity and it's continuing to grow. Lowering the prevalence takes a concerted effort. 

Addressing and attacking obesity at its core requires a multi disciplinary approach due to all the complexities obesity presents. We are that multidisciplinary team of health professionals collectively working together to reverse the trends of obesity and all its complexities in Mississippi. Established in response to the growing incidence of obesity in Mississippi, the Mississippi Obesity Collective (MOC) is comprised of professionals working in a variety of disciplines:

  • Health education

  • Pharmacology

  • Physiology

  • Public health

  • Clinical (doctors and nurses) 

  • Dietetics

  • Public policy

Our Mission 

Our mission is to reverse the trend of obesity in Mississippi  by leveraging resources to strengthen support, expand education and advocate for all issues related to obesity.   


MOC is a  Support, Education, and Advocacy organization involved with all issues related to obesity.

About Us: About Us
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