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Welcome to our healthy lifestyle blog where we talk about all things health! From how you should eat to how active you should be. We talk about how these components affect our living, our mental health and our spiritual health. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to interacting with you!

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Healthy Eating, Active Living, and Everything in Between

Mary Evans, MS Delta

“I feel like H.E.A.L. Mississippi saved my life. From as far as I can remember, my numbers have never been normal when I see my primary care doctor. Allowing them to serve my health care needs, my numbers are all good. I'm now on the wall of fame at my primary care doctor's office.   "

Juanelma Palmer, Jxn MS

"I have been making constant progress  with taking control of my health every since HEAL has been my healthcare provider."

Catherine Tardy, MS Delta

“I'm extremely thankful to have H.E.A.L. Mississippi provide my diabetes care. As an insulin dependent diabetic, I was prone to experiencing hypoglycemia because I wasn't eating enough. I am now in control of my health thanks to them.”

“God created us to be whole in healthy. It's our job as health professionals to show you God's designed plan for your health and healing. ”

Chris Fields, Executive Director of H.E.A.L. Mississippi

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